Abstract Photography by Marcin Olesinski

Intriguing and fascinating images, inspired by my near-sightedness. They appear to be paintings but are made with a photo camera.

Get to know me better

My name is Marcin Olesinski. I am a photographic artist, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I come originally from Warsaw, Poland, where I created my first artistic photos.

I am fascinated by all sorts of light, e.g. a lamp, the sun or a reflection on a piece of metal. Light is not a tool for me to achieve the right atmosphere in the photo. It is the object in the centre of all my works, which is quite different to what many photographers have done so far. We usually think it is the same object as others; however it is not, simply because we cannot grip and grasp it with our hands. Light constantly changes its form and the intensity of its colour, which cannot be registered by our eyes and. That’s why catching light with my camera is so exciting for me.

The form of my expression is inspired by my near-sightedness – disability to see good from the distance (Lat.: myopia). The result of my work are intriguing and abstract images which may look like a graphic work or a painting, but are real photos made with a photo camera. My work represents how I experience light without my glasses on, a completely unknown experience to the majority of people.

More than 1.6 billion (approx.. 21%) people in the world are near-sighted and the number keeps increasing. By sharing my artistic work, first of all, I want to raise awareness of this problem. Second of all I want to show how we (people with near-sightedness) can see the world without glasses on. And most of all I want to give more self-confidence to all my near-sighted fellows. We very often have complexes, especially children and teenagers. We believe that our eyes are not good enough, that we can see worse than other people, but what we can experience without our glasses can actually be very special. I want all near-sighted people to see this weakness as their strength.

Last but not least: From my “disability” I want to approach and nurture photography in a different way, namely to focus on light as the object in the centre of the lens’ attention in order to conjure up non-realistic images involving not obvious compositions.

Key Events

Jul 2021 – Launch of the book “Everything Is Possible” in which my work, Myopia 310, was published.

1-31 Jul 2021 – My work, Myopia 310, participated in a public-space exhibition inside the Maastunnel and on the streets of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, organized by Publieke Werken Rotterdam.

5-24 Dec 2020 – My work, Myopia 109, participated in a group exhibition GUP New Dutch Photography 2021 at Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

5 Dec 2020 – Launch of the book “GUP New 2021”, showcasing 100 new Dutch photographic talents, with publication of 5 of my works.

11 Oct 2020 – Launch of the book “Publieke Werken Rotterdam” in which my work, Myopia 67 Alien, was published.

1-23 Aug 2020 – My work, Myopia 67 Alien, participated in a group exhibition Transit, curated by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and organized at Ahoy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

29 Jul 2020 – until now – Three of my works are on loan at the restaurant Kanen by G at Havenstraat 131 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Myopia 67 Alien, Myopia 74 Magnetico and Myopia 136 Devotion.

9 Jul – 9 Aug 2020 – My work, Myopia 67 Alien, participated in a group open-air exhibition on the streets of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, organized by Publieke Werken Rotterdam.

1-29 Sep 2019 – MYOPIA – My first show took place at Pannekoekstraat 56A, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition showcased a selection of my works from 2007 until 2019.

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The Way I work

Quality of my work

All my works are printed as archival fin-art print on ink-jet printer. Next they are mounted to dibond. Finally they come with neutral thin frames, black or silver mat.

The photos from 2016 up to now come in standard size 60x80cm, and they can be resized up to 1.5x2m.

The photos from 2007 to 2015 are offered in standard size 30x40cm, and they can be resized up to 75cm x 1m.

Precise information about the colour of the frame and size of the work is available in the online gallery.

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Limited availability

All works are available in 5 copies only. In the online gallery you can see which copy is currently available.

One additional copy of each work is meant for the artist himself for co-operation with galleries and museums.

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Each copy is signed by the artist at the back of the work and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by the artist.

Ordering my work

The prices are available on request via e-mail or telephone listed below.

All works will be printed and framed upon the order and payment receipt. Production process requires maximum 15 working days.

Please contact me directly for more stories behind each work, the price and delivery time.

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